DU Pulls Out Hoops Victory Over New Mexico State

(above) Denver Post photo of Chase Hallen & 7'5 NMSU Center Sim Bhuller
(above) Brendan Loy of Mile High Mids Blog took this photo

(above) Denver Post photo of DU students storming the court

From: Denver Post
by Irv Moss

The University of Denver saved their best for the final 1:22 of the game, and it was good enough to scratch out a 66-60 victory Saturday over New Mexico State at Magness Arena. 

The victory was DU's 15th in its last 16 games and improved its record at Magness Arena to 11-2. 

Even with their eighth consecutive league win, the Pioneers (19-8, 14-2 WAC) are chasing league unbeaten Louisiana Tech (26-3, 16-0) [read entire article].


Jordan said...

How long before college basketball fans just decide to storm the court after every win?

SAndtwepenOB said...

Pretty sure that's what just happened DU was a 9 point favorite, but how many opportunities are DU fans going to get playing against WAC-esque teams at home?

dggoddard said...

Storming the court will probably end when someone cold cocks a player on the other team or vice versa.

Andrew Fielding said...

So we have two options as DU Nation. We go to every game and storm the court after every win, no matter how pathetic or meaningless.


We go above the fray and don't rush unless it is a ranked team, an opportunity we will have on Saturday.

The good news, assuming a win on Saturday we can wait until next year to decide which option we want to take.

anonevermore said...

So what, du basketball needs some excitement and fan enthusiasm. It looked like a good crowd on tv, let em have some fun. Storm the court after every win, for all I care, as long as the program keeps building a following. Nice win by DU.

Jordan said...

CU did the same thing a couple weeks ago and their coach was pissed. He said they shouldn't be rushing the court for games that they expect to compete for.