Minnesota 5 - Denver 1 FINAL

"I can't say anything about the officiating, so I'm not going to. I can't remark, especially anything negative, or there will be consequences. So I cannot say anything about the officiating. So please, please don't ask me about the officiating because I can't say anything about it. So that's all I'm going to say about the officiating."
-DU Head Coach George Gwozdecky
The University of Minnesota defeated Denver 5-1 on Saturday night in Mariucci Arena.  Scott Mayfield scored a power play goal within the first two minutes of the game to get the Pioneers off to a great start.

DU appeared to be cruising towards a victory over the Gophers when Ty Loney tipped in a power play goal midway through the second period.  But the goal was overturned after a replay review.

Tied 1-1 going into the third period, the wheels came off the bus.


timt89 said...

Greg Shepherd and crew. Now I can't say anything about Shepherd because it is not nice to say bad things about people so I am not going to make a bad post about Greg Shepard. So, don't read anything into this post about Greg Shepherd and crew because I am not going to say they take at least one game a year from DU. Blaming the officials for a loss is not right so you are not going to hear anything from me. So nothing more from me about the officials!

dggoddard said...

I'm not saying Gwozdecky reads LetsGoDU and I'd be the last person in the world to toot my own horn, but on Friday I commented about the Student Task Force...

"The [student task force] didn't have to release a list consisting of an ox, elk, miner or astronaut.

But they chose to tell the Clarion they were considering an ox, elk, miner and astronaut.

So until I hear of something other than an elk, ox, miner or astronaut, I have to assume that the front runners are an elk, ox, miner or astronaut."

Maybe Gwoz is channelling Boone...Just sayin'.

dggoddard said...

Clearly Minnesota's massive advantage in depth was the difference last night.

This season:

DU is 11-3-4 on Fridays.

DU is 6-8-1 on Saturdays.

After the 9-1-0 start:

DU is 6-2-4 on Fridays.

DU is 2-8-1 on Saturdays.

Pretty obvious to me that this team "runs out of gas on Saturday nights. The lack of depth, injuries, Mermis defections or whatever is causing this.

Obvious this is a massive problem because if this team gets into the NCAA Tourney, the 1st rounds games are on back to back days. Sometimes as little as 15-18 hours apart.

timt89 said...

Great post and explanation for the Pio's slump on Saturday nights. Mike Chambers also pointed out in an interview with Jay Stickney this weekend that three of our offensive stars that would have been on this year's team are now in the NHL. Imagine how good we would have been!