Video: Boone In Las Vegas At WAC Tournament

(above) Boone rushes to safety after performing near the DU bench before halftime on Thursday at the WAC Tournament

While tyranical forces move to find a replacement mascot on campus at the University of Denver, Boone went to Las Vegas to catch the WAC Tournament.

With less than seven minutes to play in the first half, Boone slipped unnoticed into Orleans Arena.  Dancing down the aisle of the DU section, an usher unwittingly allowed Boone onto the floor, while the PA system played the theme to "Rocky." Boone shadow boxed near the Pioneer bench, while flustered DU staffers scrambled on contain the rouge mascot.

Yada, Yada, Yada...Boone was warned not to go near the floor again or arrests would be forthcoming. Mission Accomplished; Boone disappeared into the Las Vegas sunset.  Soon thereafter the DU men's basketball team suffered a similar fate.


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs a wife and kids to occupy their time.

Dunker said...

Hey anonymous, lighten up. All the other schools fans wanted their picture taken with Boone. Even showgirls stopped on the strip to have their photo taken with Boone. This includes the Flamingo girls.