"Denver Boone For DU Mascot" Facebook Page

Yesterday a University of Denver student started Denver Boone for Mascot Page.  We encourage PioNation supporters to "Like" this Page, make comments on this Page, forward the link to the Page via Twitter, Facebook and social media.

Behind The Numbers

Facebook: Support Boone For Mascot  304 645 Likes

Petition: Bring Back Boone As Mascot 414 490 Signatures

Video: Hitler Selects New Pioneer Mascot  1,903 3,023 Views

Facebook: Denver Boone Page  3,795 3,799 Likes


Anonymous said...

Inclusive excellence at work: http://duclarion.com/new-admission-policy-is-blatantly-discriminatory/

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like The Clarion is finally growing a pair.

The Clarion has four articles today that paints the Chancellor, his "Inclusive Excellence" policies and his management of the university in a negative light.

I'll post links tomorrow.

duclarion.com if you want a head start.

Anonymous said...

Well done by Danny. I don't necessarily disagree with the policy, but agree that the policy is not consistent with the Inclusive Excellence motto. Again, well done on calling DU out on their BS.

5BWest said...

Probably more important than the Boone controversy is the "study' to tie our founder, John Evans, to the Sand Creek Massacre in a 'guilt by association' study. I would encourage everyone to go to the Clarion and add your comments. I have never seen our beloved university more misguided and off track. Notes to the Board on this wasted effort are warranted, too. How is this moving our university in a positive direction?

When does degrading our past end and honoring our past begin? It is time to clean house at DU.

5BWest said...

BTW, I completed day-1 of the online focus group for Mascot selection. It is running 95% Boone despite moderator attempts to redirect the conversation.

Just like the original Pioneers, the respondents are holding strong, true to the Pioneer spirit!

dggoddard said...


Thanks for the heads up on DU's Live Online Mascot Discussion.

What is happening is that DU has started this "discussion" and only alumni, students and fans who are passionate about the subject are the "pro-Boone" people.

As more and more people speak up on Facebook, Twitter & Emails to DU, the more compromises the Mascot Task Force are going to have to concede.

No doubt the pressure we've created is having an effect.

5BWest said...

According to DU, the search for a new mascot was at the request of students and is funded by a professional research firm. They say it is free and their quote is below:

"This project will be self-funding. The upfront dollars for the process will come in part from the student government funding and in part from a University fund. These funds will be repaid from royalties the University will receive through the sale of new mascot merchandise."

On that basis, my daughter's allowance is free because I pay for it with current funds and future revenue! No wonder the budget at DU is out of control.

What a joke.