Ohio State Fires Hockey Coach

(above) Columbus Dispatch reporter Shawn Mitchell
Not too long ago it wasn't uncommon for no hockey coaches to be replaced during the offseason. According to several Twitter accounts, it appears that Ohio State has fired Mark Oseicki today.

Ohio State joins Maine and the University of Denver as high profile hockey schools who replaced coaches this offseason.

The leading candidate at Ohio State is rumored to be George Gwozdecky.


vizoroo said...

Could we see Gwoz "dotting the I" at Ohio State football game in the future? Gwoz to the B1G--wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Probably Gwoz' plan before he even talked to Peg, probably why DU showed him the door

George did good things here, but he wasn't without blame - DU lost trust in him for a reason these past few years (and I am not talking about NCAA poor performance)!

Time to move for both sides

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: If this is the case, why can't DU just say so, and then we could all move on without all these questions unanswered?