Westword: Feature Article About Killing Boone

(above) Will Chancellor Coombe stand trial for murdering Denver Boone?
From: Westword
by Patricia Calhoun

The University of Denver was founded in 1864, only five years after Denver got its start and the same year a flood threatened to wipe the tiny town off the map. But DU has always had a fighting spirit — and today, both students and alumni are fighting mad over Boone, the once-official, now-very-unofficial image representing the Pioneers.

At this point, the only mascot the DU community might agree on would be a giant, foil-wrapped burrito with legs — inspired by Steve Ells, the DU alum who was quite the fast-casual pioneer when he opened the first Chipotle in an old Dolly Madison store down the street from DU in July 1993. Today that chain has more than a thousand locations, with new ones opening all the time — not only in this country, but across Europe. And these days, the only thing growing faster than the Chipotle empire is the controversy over Boone [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

Now that's what I call some good old-school journalism.

Thanks go out to the LetsGoDU reader who suggested contacting Westword about the Mural paintover.

old pio said...

It's as if DU decided to make itself the laughing stock of college athletics. Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

DU sent out another BS email about killing Boone. I read it, but I don't have much to say about it other than what I already did.

Anonymous said...


Now, if Boone did this, I'd say he was insensitive and non-inclusive.