Westword Interviews DU's Original Boone

(above) In 1970 Winter Park built this 40' high Denver Boone out of ice & snow to welcome DU students to Winter Carnival
From: Westword
by Patricia Calhoun

Doug Hirsh
The University of Denver has been meeting with members of the DU community to discuss the "mascot development" process. Doug Hirsh [DU '70] has been following the process with particular interest: He was the first human Denver Boone, chosen to portray the caricature that Walt Disney donated to DU to serve as the embodiment of the Pioneer spirit. In 1968, when the school held a try-out for a student to play Boone, Hirsh showed up wearing a fake beard and a coonskin cap he'd found at his frat, the Beta House, and carrying a bullwhip. One crack of that whip, and he had the gig [read entire article].


Anonymous said...

Ice sculpture was amazing. So was Patty Kates.

Dunker said...

Hirsh's comments are spot on. Hirsh was a great Boone. The "new Boone" is so harmless and likeable. Let it be!!