DU Looks To Bring Lacrosse Championship Out West

From: Denver Post
by Mark Kizla

Three of the most daunting words in sports: Never been done.

We are crazy for lacrosse in Colorado. Men wielding sticks. Scoring that lights up the board. What's not to like? Denver is a boomtown.

So what's the next step in the revolution?

It's up to you, DU Pioneers [read entire article].


Anonymous said...

Need to also bid for a NCAA championship game to be here at Sports Authority Field!

Anonymous said...

It may be to late for a Denver bid. The NCAA may be moving away from 70, 000 seat NFL stadiums toward 40,000-50,000 seat on campus stadiums, as the LAX event seems to be about a 45k ceiling on the East Coast. I think it could only draw about. 30k max here which would not look great at 75k mile high.

GO_PIOS said...

HOLY CRAP! DU wins 12-11 after being down 6-1 in the first quarter