Video: Boone Witch Hunt Part Of National Trend

(above) University of Denver students are reporting that several DU professors are conducting themselves like this in the Mascot Task Force meetings discussing Boone


Anonymous said...

“Remember the guys who graduated from college but still wanted to hang out with the high school seniors? They want to buy the beer, they want to be so cool.”


Anonymous said...

You know you're making a good argument when you have to resort to Fox News.

Anonymous said...

In what way does a Fox News segment about a USC professor have anything to do with Boone or DU?

Anonymous said...


What does this news segment have to do with DU

Why don't you stick to some type of facts and stop your "I hate DU rants"

dggoddard said...

Looked pretty "Fair & Balanced."

The multicultural zealots are taking over universities and its clearly just a fad.

It will be fun to watch DU's new Multicultural Pioneer Mascot when it hits campus next year.