DU Hockey Featured In "Breaking Bad" Episode

(above) That's a 1998 DU @ Wisconsin hockey game on the TV
During the final scene of last night’s penultimate Breaking Bad episode, Walter White makes a desperate call to his son, Flynn, from a New Hampshire bar. The episode is titled “Granite State,” in honor of White’s hideaway home in New Hampshire. It wasn’t surprising then that, as Walt pleaded with Flynn on the phone, a hockey broadcast played in the background.  

Sports Illustrated's "Extra Mustard" features the transcript of the episode and the details of the 1998 between DU and Wisconsin.


vizoroo said...

And to think the badger faithful thought this was about them. Wonder if Rycroft knows he got kudos for his play that night.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you ever step away from the puter?

Anonymous said...

Viz-please stop internet stalking young men, it's creepy.