North Dakota Citizens Named "Ugliest Residents"

(above) The Daily Beast ranked North Dakota's residents "least attractive" Source
(above) Two-time SI cover girl Kate Upton's parents went to DU


Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton's father is also a DU grad....

Anonymous said...

DU alum Peter Morton is dating Demi Moore

dggoddard said...

Current Miss Colorado, Meg Kardos, just participated in the 2014 Miss America Pageant is a DU Alumnus.!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Olympia Phil Heath was a basketball player at DU.

timt89 said...
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timt89 said...

While North Dakota women are ugly, let's not forget that there are some positives:
-Once per week is MORE than enough
-One woman can pull a 2-ox cart
-All the women can cook and make their own clothes
-Size 14 dresses make perfect pick-up truck shammys
-Keeps both seats warm at the same time
-Nice tooth!
-Post in fields to scare pests
-Up-front understanding when repeating, "for better or worse"
-Handy coin purse storage in fat fold
-You are always prepared when asked, "Do I look fat in this dress?"