DU Clarion: USG Turns Down Boone Resolution

From: DU Clarion
by Brandon Tate

On Tuesday Oct. 1, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) voted against Resolution 7, which would have granted student organizations and athletics the ability to purchase merchandise with the Boone logo with the use of student activity fee money.

The Resolution, proposed by Senator Adam Hammerman, proposed that “any committee or subsidiary of Undergraduate Student Government, such as the Diversity Committee, Spirit Committee, Sustainability Committee, etc., is allowed to use their allotted fund to purchase any merchandise with the image of Boone on it, as well as any other image supporting school spirit, to be effective immediately.”

Sophomore Senator Jess Davidson praised the vote.

“This resolution was not a question of whether or not Boone is right, but how we are protecting and investing dollars students give through their student activity fee. I do not feel that it’s our place to say ‘Yes, we will spend your student dollars on something you don’t support,’” she said [read entire article].

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old pio said...

Seems like things haven't changed much since the old days. Student government, then and now, strikes me as being dominated by people who can't get dates or pledged. I fondly recall one meeting where allocations for student groups were being discussed. And the editor of the "Clarion" announced that the paper's editorial position on SGA would be determined by whether or not they got what they wanted.

As long as the administration backs the play of these PC fascists, we can expect student government and by extension DU to continue to be a laughing stock. Pity. DU and its students deserve better.