Student Season Ticket Campout Kicks Off Season

(above) Boone prepares for another season
(above) DU's newest recruit during the skating portion of the campout in Magness
University of Denver students began setting up camp as early as 10 AM Friday morning, braving the first snowfall of the season, in hopes of getting their hands on student season tickets for the seven-time national championship winning DU Pioneer hockey team.

DU kicks off the hockey season on Sunday night with an exhibition game at Magness Arena against the University of New Brunswick.


dggoddard said...

Check out this website to donate to Boone
Bring Back Boone on Fundly

ml said...

Hey Dggoddard,

I was curious if you heard anything about a new tennis facility and where it might go. I saw this.

dggoddard said...

The proposed Tennis Facility is still in the early stages. The Athletic Department would like all teams [except skiing] to have Division I level practice and competition facilities.

The Athletic Department is working with the Building and Grounds Committee for a tennis site (they are busy with new Engineering and Korbel buildings).

Ideally they want to build in campus, but land & space is an issue. They have looked to acquire land in close proximity as well, but that is not easy to obtain. The tennis facility could be run similar to Coors Fitness and HRGC with memberships, etc. to generate revenue. The other option would be to partner with a local park, but that has a lot of legal issues to resolve.

Top DU Athletics Fundraising Priorities:
Indoor Tennis Facility
Tuition Scholarship Endowments
Sports Medicine Room expansion
Position and Operational Endowments
Hockey and Lacrosse locker room renovations
Barton Stadium Expansion