Exhibition: New Brunswick 2 - Denver 1 FINAL

The University of Denver hockey team out-shot New Brunswick 38-21 in an exhibition game on Sunday night but fell by a score of 2-1 at Magness Arena.  Daniel Doremus scored for DU.


dggoddard said...

DU 0-9 on the power play. Ouch.

Albatross80208 said...

I know the team had only one day of real practice before the game but last night was awful. By the way, how do you have a Captain’s Practice when you haven’t named any of the captains? Shouldn’t it be retitled Seniors Practice? I know Monty wants to wait and see who his leaders will be before he hands out the title but it’s still sort of annoying. I assume Monty has to name someone to talk with the refs during the games. Does that come from this week’s practice? Do you slap the C on Doremus for the goal. Remember that he got the jump because he was coming out of the box after a really stupid penalty.

Nice to see that Monty stuck with his pee wee roots and let every kid play. Did we learn anything? Other than DU is undersized and slow? DU got beat to the puck on almost every play and those few times that they got there first, the Reds just tossed them aside. No one expected DU to put a lot of points up this year. That was certainly true last night. They had a lot of shots but most were softies and rebounding was almost non-existent. The Reds just boxed them out and DU didn’t fight for the puck. DU had hopes that its D would be the foundation of the team this year. Last night showed how small the DU defensemen really are. The Varsity Reds just blew through them. I didn’t see any of the grit Monty was talking about.

I don’t know how much you can teach these guys in a week. It sure looks like Monty is going to have his hands full to win a National Championship with the way this team played last night.