Denver 5 - Western Michigan 3 FINAL

The University of Denver finally found production from their forward lines on Saturday night at Magness Arena.  DU's forwards exploded for four goals in just six minutes of the second period to break open a tight game.  The result was a 5-3 victory over Western Michigan.


Boonetown said...

Moore intercepting their lazy pass in front of the net was beautiful. Reminded me of Connor James. I hope Trevor has that kind of talent.

It was nice to see some scoring from the forwards for a change.

The energy seemed flat until the scoring explosion in the second period.

Nice win guys.

Twister said...

No doubt a nice comeback win for DU last night. If that had been a football game, it would have been a "tale of two halves." I thought DU came out of the gates flat and sluggish. Several turnovers, very little offensive flow or pressure, and a lot of time spent chasing WMU's forwards who had the puck. Then Western takes the 5-minute major, DU scores a couple of goals, and there is life. After that I thought the Pios played well.

This team may not have the elite top-end talent that we have seen in years past, but there are more than enough good players who, when they put their minds to, can do a lot of good things.

Nincompoop said...

I can't wait for Trevor Moore's proverbial "Break Out" sophomore year next season. This is going to be exciting. Hoping for the Broncos to lose big tonight, then get a huge win tomorrow. Did anyone notice how many Derek Lalonde and Dave Carle - coached guys there are on the Broncos? They've got a pipeline going under the lake. And one kid....obviously with high IQ...transferred FROM North Dakota to Western Mich! Love it.