Amygdala Threatens Portland 'Tilt'

The amygdala (shown in red) is an almond-shaped structure in the brain; its name comes from the Greek word for “almond”. The amygdala or amygdalae (plural)  are essential to your ability to feel certain emotions. This part of the brain manages perceived fear and threats and activates during stressful situations.

According to a video (below) targeted to computer 'gamers', the amygdala can hijack a brain and put a player on 'tilt' resulting in deteriorated performance. This in part may explain DU's women's soccer team's 8-game scoreless streak. The longer the streak lasts, as scoring opportunities present themselves and are lost, the amygdala is activated, resulting in anxiety and reduced performance. The video, How to Stop Losing Streaks, recommends taking breaks, controlling emotions, and relaxing - i.e. don't care about losing.
The DU women play Portland at CIBER field on Saturday, September 26th at 7:00 p.m..The Pilots are giving up less than one goal per game over their last 5 games and shut out Washington State in their latest match.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, the only possible cure for this DU team is a steady diet of poor Summit League opponents, not Portland.