Best DU Watering Hole - LetsGoDU Super Pub Survey

We are lucky to have some fantastic bars around DU. Whether you visiting Denver for a game or are a local Pioneer fan, the bar options are great. You can drink at Spanky's Urban Roadhouse for breakfast. The Stadium Inn is scary looking but has cheap Jim Beam and fantastic Yelp Reviews. The Campus Inn is just far away enough that you can have fun and not ruin your neighborhood reputation. The Pioneer has a roof top bar and hosts DU coach radio shows, too. With the front doors open and the beer flowing, Fermentaera microbrewery on Evans offers fresh suds and great food truck eats. Boone's Tavern has the name we love and the food is delivered fresh from the same kitchen as the pricey Atticus next door. Crimson & Gold is a short crawl to Magness and just completed an awesome tribute mural to DU athletics.

Follow the link below to vote for your favorite:

LetsGoDU will announce the winner October 4th prior to the DU hockey game vs. Calgary in game 1 of the 2015-2016 season. The winning bar will get a special feature in LetsGoDU and one week of free mention in LetsGoDU.


Tim Healy said...

If you haven't been to The Stadium recently, you'll be bummed to hear that they are no longer serving Jim Beam for $2. The new $2 drink is Evan Williams whiskey, if that really makes any difference.

du78 said...

Silver Spruce Lounge ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Pioneer and Crimson & Gold are the best, and they are the ones doing the best business. They obviously get the whole "connecting to the DU community" thing. Love the new mural on the brick wall of Crimson & Gold with the DU athletes painted.

Let's face it, Boone's sucks. The only thing good about that place is the name, they make no effort to connect with DU community, there is no indication on the inside of that place that they are blocks away from a university. It was a shame that ESPN even mentioned that place during the lacrosse national championship game. Haven't tried Atticus next door yet, that place is probably good but isn't a watering hole.

Stadium Inn is awesome, as always, of course. Love that place.

Anonymous said...

Us drinkers are lucky at Denver to have on-campus alcohol served during athletic events, like ice hockey. Go up to a Badgers or Gophers game grab a beer on the concourse...I challenge you! So I say, the ultimate watering hole is right there inside the Magness Arena. There's an ATM on site, you've got several choices for on-tap domestics, canadian imports, or you can get the canned tall boys or even wine and cocktails. WHy do you think all the North Dakota people come here? We make them feel at home with in-game alcohol

Anonymous said...

The North Dakota people come here because 90% of them escaped North Dakota to live here in Colorado.

The alcohol at games is a bonus - only about 35 schools in the NCAA D-I serve alcohol to the general public at sporting events. The fact that DU has been selling it about for 30 years at sporting events shows that our school can handle it well.