Courting the Devil

Tough to argue the quality of DU's hockey schedule for this upcoming year. Still, you can't help but be disappointed that we do not get a shot at newcomer Arizona State University. New to Division 1, they are playing NCHC foes Nebraska-Omaha and St. Cloud State. As a logical geographic rival for DU, it would be good to have them begin their first year with a visit to Denver.

Arguments are being made that they fit best in the Big 10 as part of the Top 5 "power conferences". Others argue that the NCHC would be the best fit with the closest programs geographically. Either way, wherever ASU goes, the conference will have an odd number of teams. Then, the dominos fall as that conference will seek a team from another conference to balance their league. The NCHC needs to get bigger and aggressively pursue ASU - critical to expand the conference, currently eight teams, and add quality and visibility.

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