ESPN Prepares to Ax Broadcast Rights Fees

As Damien Goddared cited in an earlier note to LetsGoDU, changes are on the horizon for college sports. Especially, the exorbitant licensing fees paid the NCAA and others leagues for programming rights. ESPN's parent company Disney, is starting to reign-in ESPN and drive down costs, primarily broadcast rights fees. While it is still unclear how this will impact the Power 5 football conferences, you can bet it will lead to reduced broadcast rights fees on other sports as well.

As this point it is not clear how this might impact DU over time. However, with cost of attendance (CoA) and other rising expenses, it is unclear if this will level the playing field over time or if there will continue to be a growing gap between the 'haves' and 'have-nots'.

Business Insider gives details of the ESPN shake-up below:

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dggoddard said...

The long term prognosis will likely be less revenue for smaller schools, conference implosions & lower coach salaries.

All things that should benefit DU men's hoops moving forward.