The final score didn't matter (1-2 L)

It was 41.30 of the first period on a warm fall night in Denver, Colorado. The situation was routine. The snake-bit Pioneers, in a 0-0 tie, had a free kick near mid-field along the sideline closest the main home field stands. Stella Norman, a junior center back from Colorado,  looked goalward and launched the ball. Like a scene from a corny sports move, 'the shot' launched into the dark evening sky. A pair of Pioneer forwards cut toward the goal, the goalie frozen. The ball went over the Denver players, bounced past a surprised goalie and went into the right-hand corner of the goal, bouncing up into the net. The place went crazy. The end of 'the streak'  after no goals in nearly eight and a half games.

The Pioneers still have a chance to do damage this season. As they start the Summit Conference schedule, all teams are 0-0 and the team that wins the league will get an automatic berth to the NCAA's. The Pioneers played with confidence against a tough Portland team. Who is to say say that this team with nine losses and one goal in pre-conference play can't win the Summit and pull off one more miracle this season? They may have a chance to do something that has, likely, never happened before. If so, this is the night that will be remembered as the beginning of a new streak.


Anonymous said...

That goal counts? in basketball, it's a turnover!

vizoroo said...

Guess we don't need to recruit a voodoo priestess to reverse the curse. :-]]