Free Advice: Read & Retreat!!!

A camel is a horse created by committee.

As the time grows closer for 'the vote' on a new mascot name for North Dakota, proponents are selling their favorite option among the choices of Sundogs, Nodaks, North Stars, Fighting Hawks, and Roughriders.

In a peculiar letter to the Grand Forks Herald, Ruthmary Arnason Unruh w

I love UND! The university is an important part of our Grand Forks community.

Let's get together and support a new nickname and logo.
There are five choices. Of them, only Nodaks and Sundogs are unique.
Humans are visual creatures. Most of us process information based on what we see.
And since no designs have been submitted, many people are not able to see or picture an image of the future UND logo and nickname.
So, consider these ideas. Perhaps others also will come forward and share their visions.
NODAKS—Imagine this:

  • A bold outline of the state of North Dakota
  • A background of green and white (stripes, checks, lightning bolts, etc.)
  • The word "NODAKS" in big letters covering the state—in a bold, funky font
  • The eternal flame aglow in the letter "D" like the existing UND symbol
  • This is a personal favorite. We are truly Nodaks.
SUNDOGS—Picture this:

  • The word SUNDOGS in a creative brilliant font
  • A burst (like the sun) around the letters UND of SUNDOGS
  • Color bursts (sundogs) on either side of the word SUNDOGS (probably green and white flashes with a sparkling, classy look)
  • The eternal flame aglow in the letter "D" or "O."
Come on, UND fans: Look forward. Visualize. Imagine. Pledge your loyalty.
Stand up and Cheer for a great new UND look.
North Dakota—Here's to you!

We wish Ruthmary a speedy recovery. And, to the North Dakota faithful, we have been there and done that. Stop the madness before it is too late. 'North Dakota' is just fine.