Opinion: From Thoroughbred to Nag, SMU Runs Amuck

From the school that brought you the NCAA death penalty, SMU is at it again. Coach Larry Brown, now a 3-time NCAA sanction loser, is facing a nine game suspension and post-season suspension for 2016. First, SMU was tarnished for their infractions in football which did significant reputational damage with the 'death penalty' (and eventual re-start) of their football program. Now, Larry Brown is producing his own institutional carnage in basketball by lying to the NCAA about his assistants taking tests for incoming recruits and a host of other violations.

Anyone who has been around recruiting for football and basketball know how cutthroat that business can be. Showering prospects with calls, texts, & letters; adoring tweets and orchestrated campus tours with attractive coeds; and lavish praise from coaches. Plus, pressure from the boosters, fans, and administration. Then, there is the "under the table stuff". With nearly 350 D1 basketball programs, the difference between a two star recruit and a three star recruit is often the difference between following the rules or violating the rules.

The SMU basketball turn-around miracle, led by Larry Brown, is a illusion created by a program that was willing to win at all costs.

See the link below for Dick Vitale's take:


Dunker said...

Why did Larry lie? All he had to do was admit he was aware of his assistant's transgression after the fact. That would have given SMU a slap on the wrist. It bothers me much because I've always been a huge fan of Larry's. All this man really enjoys is coaching/teaching. He doesn't really like games.
I'm afraid it's over for Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown.

dggoddard said...

He lied because that's what he does.

"Brown led UCLA to the 1980 national title game, but the Bruins were put on probation for two years after the NCAA found players had received impermissible benefits. Brown led Kansas to a national title in 1988, but the Jayhawks were banned from postseason play the following year due to recruiting violations."

Anonymous said...

If you are an athletic director who hires a multiple-time NCAA offender as your head coach, you are the problem.