Outdoor Game Details (Slowly) Come together

Details are emerging on the outdoor hockey match between DU & CC February 20th at Coors Field. An email was recently sent to donors and season ticket holders advising that ticket details will be forthcoming from the Rockies on September 8th. Rumors on the street have regular ticket prices ranging from $10 to $50, Luxury suite prices are in the $110 per person range with 18 & 30 person suites available. These prices are multiples less than the Avs versus Detroit which will be played after DU - CC.

This should be an epic event for Pio fans as our boys-on-steel continue their domination of CC and attempt to extend their grip on the Gold Pan.


Tim Healy said...

It also sounds like the Colorado Rockies ticket office is running the show on ticketing for the game. At least we will find out more in the very near future.

vizoroo said...

Welcome Back--You have been missed.