Peter Barton Gets a New Rug

Workers put down the last section of artificial turf at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium. The turf was damaged during torrential floods June 24th. Damage is expected to exceed $500k to Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium, Magness Arena, Hamilton Gym, and locker rooms.

Separately, workers are expanding the National Champions' locker room at Peter Barton to accommodate the entire team roster. Players will no longer have to stand, sit on each others laps, or dress in their dorms.

The bigger issue, long term, is seating at the 2000 person capacity stadium. Donors and season ticket holders have reserved nearly all the seats for 2015-2016. While Friends of DU lacrosse have preliminary discussions to expand the stadium, nothing has been formally announced. With tight athletic budgets, it is our view that this will have to be funded by donors and Friends of DU Lacrosse to happen anytime soon.

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Tim Healy said...

There are also some logistical issues about where a new stand can go that will not affect the flood plane that Barton currently houses on the far side behind the benches.