Banner Banter - Mystery Unfurling

A source provided LetsGoDU with a photo (above) taken today which allows us to speculate about the championship banners going up in Magness Arena. there are lot more important things to worry about these days but this is a good issue to ponder.

There are going to be two new banners: The Directors Cup banner and the 2015 Lacrosse National Championship banner. Both are going to be presented Friday, October 16th during homecoming weekend against Michigan State.

The photo shows that the ski team banners have been taken down and there looks to be a new bracket for a new flag - likely the lacrosse banner at the south end of the arena. The ski team banners are likely to remain where they are on the south end. They are probably at the dry cleaners or the grommets had to be replaced due to wear from being raised and lowered 22 times!

In the future, all National Championships banners will continue to hang in Magness. The athletic department is looking at ways to recognize conference championships and  national championships at each sport's respective venue as well. Details are still in the works but LetsGoDU will provide them as we get them.

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