Denver Pops the Top

An incredible DU campus just keeps getting better.

Many LetsGoDU readers live outside Denver or have not visited the south end of campus recently. The picture above is the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies off Iliff Avenue. Construction workers recently installed a 23,000 pound spire atop the building. This will likely make it the highest structure on campus.They are currently in the process of adding blue tiles to match the adjoining Sie Complex addition.
Josef Korbel School Article

Not to be outdone, the 60 million dollar Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science is going up across the street at Wesley Avenue and Iliff. You can see the dome on the ground which will be hoisted to the top middle section of the building in the future. Photo Below:
Daniel Felix Ritchie School

This is a great time to be a Pioneer!


vizoroo said...

The front part of the IR building looks like Cherrington.

Anonymous said...

It is Ben Cherrington Hall. They've added on to it since you were in school, Viz.