Denver...Just the facts

Coming to homecoming? Here are 10 reasons you may or may not want to come...

1. In Denver’s rarefied air, golf balls go about 10% farther than they would at sea level.

2. Denver brews more beer than any other city in the nation, with over 200 different beers brewed daily.

3. The population in Denver has more than doubled since 1960

4. Denver has been named the “Baby Boomer Capital of America,” boasting a higher number of baby boomers than any other US city.

5. Denver was rated as the healthiest city in the country for pets by Purina, ranking high in categories like veterinarian to pet ratio and low number of fleas.

6. Denver has the largest city park system in the nation, with 14,000 acres of mountain parks and 2,500 acres of natural areas.

7. Denver currently has more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks stores.

8. Denver’s bright blue sky really is bluer than many other cities’. Because of Denver’s elevation, the air has less water vapor than it would at a lower altitude, making for a gorgeous sky.

9. Colfax Avenue's second biggest claim to fame (You know the first!) is that at 26 miles, it is the longest street in America.

10. Because of Denver’s altitude, it’s also easier to get drunk. Alcoholic drinks can sometimes feel 1.5 to 3 times more potent in the Mile High City.

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