UNO Charts a Familiar Path

The University Nebraska Omaha recently completed a 4-year transition to D1, dropped football (2011), and built a new $75 million  dollar arena for their hockey and basketball teams. Sound familiar?

Realizing that they could not compete in their market with D1's Creighton and University of Nebraska as a DII program, they knew they had to step-up for the Omaha sports dollar. They are quickly becoming a natural geographic rival for DU in hockey and other sports, too.

They made the Frozen Four last season and they have beaten DU in basketball. While we look at UNO as a 'small market' compared to Denver, they have big plans. It would be no surprise if UNO joins other fierce DU rivals CC and UND.

UNO's athletic director is Trev Alberts. He played college football at Nebraska, professional football for the Colts, and worked Gameday broadcasts for ESPN. The athletic administration is following the same blueprint DU took in 1999 with a move to D1. A link below takes you to their story:

UNO - Work Has Just Begun

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