Women's Soccer - Clean Slate Brings New Hope

Could it happen? The unthinkable...the DU women's soccer team (0-8-1) goes on a tear and wins the Summit League? With the DU fall sports teams hitting on all cylinders, a young women's soccer team has no wins and one goal in nine games. No reason for hope? This is how it could happen...

  • Jeff Hooker is one of the best coaches in women's college soccer. His teams play a proven system, win games and get better during the season. 
  • The Pio defense is steady and getting better. During their eight losses, they are only giving up two goals per game. 
  • Read through the profiles of the Pioneer forwards. They have great credentials as state champs, league scoring championships, and team MVPs for their high schools and clubs. They have size and several veterans up-front. A couple of goals and who knows what that might do to their confidence.
  • Summit teams knock each other off and the Pioneers pull off some unexpected road wins and start to own CIBER field again. Historically, they have been very difficult to beat at home.
Could they get some wins during the Summit regular season, creep into the Summit Tournament in early November with renewed confidence and emerge as the Summit champs? All signs this season point to "no' but stranger things have happened. 

The season starts tomorrow for the Pioneers. They are now 0-0 in the Summit as they head to  South Dakota.for Sunday's game.
"If not us, then who?" - John Lewis

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope they can turn it around, and that the weaker defenses of the Summit League create more spaces for our offensive players to score some goals and build some confidence.

No one foresaw DU having that horrible of a first half, and I am sure the coaching staff is chomping at the bit to clean the slate.

Hopefully in future years, DU will schedule more home games in the first half of the season to help the team build confidence earlier on. These road-heavy schedules aren't helping when the team can't score...