CC Week: Colorado Springs At-A-Glance

After this Friday night's hockey game at Magness Arena, the Pioneers will head south to Colorado Springs to take on Colorado College at 7:07 pm. CC will be ready to play the "evil empire from up north" so they will put everything they have into this weekend. Coming off two heartbreaking losses in Boston, the Pioneers (read: Coach Montgomery) are likely to be in a bad mood - and ready to go.

Aside from the obvious attractions in the Springs - tattoos, pay-day loans, and massage parlors - there are several cultural activities according to Roadside America that you must visit before heading to the Broadmoor World Arena.

The first stop for any Springs visitor is to "Herkimer" the worlds largest (metal) beetle, He was built as a roadside attraction in the mid-1950's. Unfortunately, over the years, he was vandalized with graffiti and had its legs ripped off. He is now repaired and repainted, but upon close inspection he shows the wear and tear of age. It stands behind a barbed wire-topped fence hung with signs that warn of 24/7 video surveillance.
Directions:Southwest edge of the city. I-25 exit 135. Drive west (toward mountains) for two miles. Turn left (south) onto Hwy 115 and drive five miles. Look for the water tower on the left; the big beetle will be on the right.

If not Herkimer, go to downtown Colorado Springs (101 East Colorado Avenue) - ten minutes from the World Arena. In an attempt to celebrate broken things, it appears that the local chamber of commerce has put their marketing genius behind Humpty Dumpty of all things. One Dumpty is wearing skis (pictured). Another is hanging upside down from a bank roof and another from a parking structure. The fourth Humpty Dumpty is sitting outside of the Pikes Peak Center, a quick walk from the other three.

If you want to see something that is really broken, drive ten minutes to the south to World Arena and see the Tigers play.

Altitude TV announced that they will not be broadcasting Saturday's game so the only way to watch this one will be at the Broadmoor World Arena.

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Anonymous said...

Colorado Springs: A pretty nice place spoiled by a lot of turds who live there.

CC games draw a tractor-pull crowd nowadays - a far cry from the day of the old Broadmoor World Arena, where the Pre-994 crowd was more shetland sweaters and khakis.