Fish & Frosh Lead DU to Victory

DU 4 - SCSU 3 OT

Trotter - DU (Rakhshani, Ruegsegger)
Ruegsegger - DU (Rakhshani, Thomas) 6 on 5
Thomas -DU (Corbin, Dingle)
Gordon - SCSU ( Nodl, Dey)
Swanson - SCSU (Lasch, Stephenson) 5 on 3
Nodl - SCSU (Fletcher, Dey) 5 on 4
Mullen - DU (Corbin, Seabrook) OT GWG
Shots on Goal
DU 23 - SCSU 50
DU 9 - SCSU 2

On a night when DU had no business winning on the road at St. Cloud their goaltender stood tall and three Freshman fowards had a coming out party of epic proportions. Glenn Fisher led the way with 47 saves and Brock Trotter, Tyler Ruegsegger and Rhett Rakhshani had two goals and three assists between them. Then when the game was on the line DU's first unit led by Patrick Mullen salted the game away in overtime.

St. Cloud deserved to win outshooting the Pioneers 50 to 23 and only committing two penalties. But at the end of the day, DU's perseverance won out.

Junior Defenseman Andrew Thomas scored his fourth career goal in the Second Period and it appeared that the rout was on as DU led 3-0. But seconds later St. Cloud stormed back and DU had to hold on for dear life in a wild Third Period.


Anonymous said...

What's a Fosh????????

dggoddard said...

Frosh is a shortening of Freshman. Fosh is a shortening of Frosh.

OK, you caught be once again. Thanks for making LetsGoDU the best college hockey websites south of Oklahoma. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe you were rushing your typing as you were trying to escape John Scott on a driving rampage in his new hometown of Houston.

Anonymous said...

The 1st anniversay of the blog is rapidly approaching. Is there going to be some kind of celebration and special features to mark this milestone?

dggoddard said...

You missed it. It was September 28th. Been a fun year.

Thanks for all your help du78. :-)

Anonymous said...

My bad, I was looking at the meter, I guess you enabled that feature last Oct.