Tyler Bozak Sparks Free Agent Feeding Frenzy

(above) 26 NHL teams are said to be pursuing Tyler Bozak

From: TSN.com
by Darren Dreger

NHL scouts and executives are paying close attention to Tyler Bozak this season.

Let's call it 'the Brunnstrom Buzz', in honor of Dallas Stars forward Fabian Brunnstrom, who was a highly sought-after free agent last season.

Tyler Bozak is a 22-year-old center with the University of Denver Pioneers who has seven goals and 18 points in 15 games this season. Many believe he has the potential to step right into the National Hockey League next season without any minor league seasoning.

Bozak's advisor, Wade Arnott, says 26 teams – including all six Canadian teams - have expressed interest in Bozak.

On one recent weekend, eight teams lined up to speak with Bozak at University of Denver. That's in keeping with a protocol established by the Regina native – Bozak will only meet with teams after Saturday home games and will only do so until the New Year when he'll shut down the interview process to concentrate on Pioneers' hockey.

Bozak had a chance to leave school last spring, but he didn't feel he was strong enough to make the leap. He's described as a strong two-way centre that possesses good speed and is a key face-off man on both the powerplay and penalty kill.

Bozak will be subject to entry-level contract cap limits.

Tyler Bozak is creating quite a buzz around the NHL.


Jordan said...

His approach is great- interview after the series and shut out the pro distractions after the new year. Considering we'll probably only have him for this season, that's great news as a Pioneer Hockey fan.

Anonymous said...

We will not listen to your negative "bozak will go pro" comments he will stay for 4 years... i may be in denial

Anonymous said...

This may be one of the most interesting free agency battles in college hockey history. With the rookie salary cap, money isn't going to be the issue.

As we saw with Stastny the real money is made three years down the road.

The question isn't, Who can get him in a NHL jersey, its what team is willing to put the players around him to make him a star?

Very difficult question and "trust" is going to be a central issue.

Twister said...

I'm guessing Bozak will have a few more dollars in his pocket next year at this time.....

Any team would be lucky to have him. After DU wins their 8th championship in 2009 he can go out and win a Stanley Cup.

Jordan said...

Gold Jersey- As much as we all hope and dream, sometimes its just best to make do with what we have- at least he'll be focused while we have him!

Plus it's pretty cool to point at Stastny and say "He went to DU." Let's get a couple more guys like that in the pros.

Chris George said...

Only 26 teams are interested. I would think all teams would be interested in Bozak. While it will be sad to see him go, I expect to see him skating for someone in April, May, and maybe June. In the meantime, keep making everyone around you better and take us to DC.

Anonymous said...

"Only" 26 teams are interested in Bozak?? What teams aren't interested? The teams that aren't interested must be run by guys with manure for brains. Bozak is a stud.

Anonymous said...

anonymous sounds a little gay for mr. bozak.