Colorado College to Change Nickname & Logo

In an expected move Colorado College President, Dick Celeste, announced last week that Colorado College was changing its Nickname and Logo to the Cheetahs.

"We wanted a Nickname that better reflected our Nationally Famous Hockey Program. Everyone knows that there aren't any Tigers in Colorado, but there are plenty of Cheetahs at Colorado College."

He mentioned than CC planned on petitioning the Colorado Springs City Council to change the road signs around Colorado College to, "Welcome to Cheetah Country."

This move by Colorado College is sure to focus more attention on the University of Denver, which is the only school in the WCHA who's Nickname and Logo don't match and the University of North Dakota who's nickname is offensive to wealthy Liberals in New England.
In a related story:

Slattengren Dismissed From CC

Senior Forward Aaron Slattengren was kicked off the hockey team and dismissed from Colorado College.

Former CC defenseman Brady Greco who played with Slattengren last season, maintains Slattengren was a good student. (Note: One year later Greco was arrested in Johnstown, PA.)

Greco was a history major. Slattengren was majoring in history and political science.

“I had maybe one or two classes with him, and everything seemed to be going well,” Greco said. “As far as I know, he got regular As, Bs and Cs in his classes.

“Everyone helped each other on and off the ice when I was there. When we were in class, we would study together and go over problems.

“It would never escalate to a situation of cheating.”


Anonymous said...

sheets you suck get a life.

du78 said...

I almost fell off my chair. One of your best works to date. My eyes are still tearing

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Goon said...

Talk about a knuckle headed move by Slatengren.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Slattengren was one of the best players on that team and now his career will be ruined just because one teacher got on a power trip because a student didn't cite some information. Every sports professional I know has cheated. Obviously they're not at the school for academics they're there for a career in sports. Aaron Slattengren had a twenty page paper due, but also had to go out of town for a 4 day road trip in Alaska. Players have WAY more work and stress than the average trust fund babies at DU or CC. A lot of players have been caught at CC for cheating and nothing happened but they just had to make an example someone and that was him!