Thursday, October 26, 2006

CC's Season In Jeopardy

I know what you're thinking. When I say "CC has Mono," you think it means that they have only won one National Championship in the past 53 years. Actually its a little more complicated than that. Bear with me as I unfold the mystery.

Now its time to play Jeopardy:

Alex Trebek: OK Guys, its all pretty close heading into the Final Question. The Catagory is "CC players with Mono."

Alex: Name the current CC player to come down with the disease...

dg: Who is Aaron Slattengren?
Alex: Oooh. I'm sorry. He's no longer in school.

DU78: Who is Curtis McElhinney or Chris Kawano?

Alex: Oooh. Great answer but I'm sorry you are wrong. As we know CC goaltender Curtis McElhinney and third string goaltender Chris Kawano missed much of the 2003-04 season with mononucleosis. McElhinney appeared in only 19 games that season. This caused CC to miss the Colorado Springs Regional at World Arena. DU then came in upset #1 North Dakota and won the National Championship in Boston over Maine.

DU78: I knew that, but I just wanted to hear the story again.

Alex: Swami. What do you have for us?

Puck Swami: Alex, the answer is Who is Billy Sweat, CC's all everything Freshman Forward? I believe you can access the story at CC Tiger Board
Alex: That is correct. How much did you wager?

Puck Swami: $10,500.

Alex: Well played.


LetsGoMavs said...

If you REALLY wanted to fling some would start some team rumor that they're getting MONO from kissing each other:) HA HA! Tough hockey players making out with each other at love at CC.

dggoddard said...


You're right. Its not going to look good if a few other players come down with this. :-)

du78 said...

Damn, I can't believe I lost to Swami