DU Senior Players Give Intramurals A Whirl
Veideman Looks Solid Between The Pipes

From: The Clarion (DU Student Newspaper)
by Ryan Boulding

(left) Will NHL scouts will be decending on Magness Arena to see Veideman play goaltender this Spring?


The Denver Pioneers varsity hockey team was just over .500 this season, despite a disappointing loss in the first round of the WCHA playoffs, for the second year in a row.

What appeared to be a dismal ending to last season for seniors on the team is now starting to turn around.

Normally varsity team players are not allowed to participate in their sport's intramural counterpart, but this quarter is seeing an exception to that rule.

"For the remainder of this season, we're letting the outgoing seniors play," said Brad Logar, sports program manager for DU's Division of Athletics and Recreation. Only those players without remaining eligibility can participate.

Foregoing the rules, Logar intends to keep a totally stacked team from running away with a plethora of wins while acknowledging the fact that competing against Division 1 players isn't very much fun. Varsity seniors are limited to two a team, and a few of them are even taking on a different role than their norm.

Adrian Veideman, for instance, has been spotted in the bulging visage of a goaltender, despite his training as a defenseman.

"I just like to come out and play hockey for fun," said Sarah Pifer, a third year finance and marketing double major. "I'm the only girl on my team and I like the adrenaline rush from pushing myself to keep up with the guys."

This is the attitude that Logar wants intramural participants to embody.

"Intramurals are just for fun," said Logar. "You are just playing for a t-shirt, so keep that in mind and have a good time."

This isn't always the case though, as hockey is one of those sports where tempers can flare. According to Logar, incidents come with the territory, and it isn't uncommon for a player to get kicked out of a game for their behavior. One player last year was suspended for the season when he struck an opposing player in the throat with his stick.

"While I play for fun, there's always a competitive undertone to intramural hockey because of DU's culture surrounding the game," said Pifer.

Despite the competitive nature of the sport, incidents are relatively few and far between as a sense of camaraderie can be see between players.

"It's great to meet and play with so many students who love the game," said Pifer.

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