Arrested Development In Grand Forks

From: Grand Forks Herald
by Brad Schlossman

(left) T.J. Oshie during happier times

Stop me if you've heard this all before. UND forward T.J. Oshie has been suspended for one game following an arrest early Sunday morning. Oshie annually wins the award for the most talented college hockey player to grace LetsGoDU's Bad Boyz List.

According to a Grand Forks police report, Oshie was arrested for disorderly conduct at 2:28 a.m. Sunday at 100 N. 3rd Street in Grand Forks.

New Hampshire senior forward Mike Radja also was arrested for the same offense at the same address. Radja, 22, had five points in New Hampshire's 7-4 win over UND on Saturday night.

Internet rumors point to a broken elevator and a potentially bursting bladders leading to the arrival of Grand Forks finest.

UND announced the suspension Wednesday afternoon, saying that Oshie, 21, would miss Friday's game against St. Cloud State for violating team rules. No further details were given in the release.

Oshie, a junior from Warroad, Minn., is the team's leading scorer nine goals and seven assists for 16 points in 17 games.

He also was arrested last January for being a minor in a bar. Oshie entered a guilty plea on that charge and was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation and ordered to pay about $225 in fines and fees .
UND Police Timeline

July, 2006 - Robbie Bina Arrested For DUI
September, 2006 - Joe Finley Arrested & Radke charged with "Loud Party"
November, 2006 - Toews Charged with "minor in consumption and noisy party gathering"
February, 2007 - Toews, Oshie & Bina arrested at Judy's Tavern
February, 2007- Police chief Packett addresses team
April, 2007 - Toews & Oshie plead guilty
May, 20o7 - Finley ordered to pay fine & perform community service
June, 2007 - Bina's trial date set for June 29th
December, 2007 - Oshie arrested again, this time for disorderly conduct


Boosh said...

I love this site.

Too bad it didn't happen before next weekend



And now they dragged down one of my guys too! ;)

One bad apple... strike that, a whole bunch of bad apples spoils the ones in the next barrel over!

Anonymous said...

oh no! A college kid drinking. I'd like to cast the first stone but i also drank in college. I was even arrested once for peeing outside. If the charges for the team were: assault, rape, stealing, cheating, impersonating a rodent, etc...I'd be concerned. The part I don't like is parting with the enemy @ 2:30am after a loss.


hey it was a split man!

and it was YOUR arena that was playing 'Why Can't We Be Friends'! :D

don't friends get arrested together!?

Boosh said...

I drink in college too, but I don't get arrested for disorderly conduct while on probation or being in a bar underage. That's the difference between me and T.J. Oshie. That, and I'm not as good as him at hockey. And I don't like sleeping with other men and little puppies.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Oshie won the sword-swallowing contest...

Anonymous said...

Hey Boosh: You're an IDIOT.

"but I don't get arrested for disorderly conduct while on probation or being in a bar underage."

No maybe you didn't but I'm sure you've taken a piss in public; you've sneaked in a bar while you were a minor; you've hosted a party that was too loud but the cops in Houghton came in because there are no women there and the boys will be boys;and you've slept with a dog during your life.

On top of that, Oshie is now making millions in the NHL and you are laying in your bed w/ a Huskies jersey, porn stache and flipping off the camera, but that's what boys do when only boys go to your university.

So before you are so quick to judge you better take in look in the mirror Prince. Oh, he likes boys too.