Chamber's Blog Interviews Vossberg & Ruegsegger

Mike Chamber's Blog has three excellent articles today.

He interviewed Brandon Vossberg and went over the "Assault At Possum Hollow." Naturally the Possum Hollow Perry Mason Brigade were the first to comment.

Chambers interviewed Tyler Ruegsegger who stated that the injury is more than an abdominal strain, that he’s experiencing pain in his pelvis and groin. He had an MRI on Tuesday and CT scan Wednesday, and said both tests proved there is not a tear, but some tendonitis.

Finally he covered the sanctions handed down by the WCHA and Coach Gwozdecky's reaction. Needless to say, the coach doesn't sound too pleased with his boyz pugilistic endeavours over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

A bunch of D-Bags... that all North Dakota is, was and ever will be. I'd spit on their ice and use their jerseys to wipe my ass if I could.

Anonymous said...

So shouldn't Radke be suspended for 4 total games? Without actually being able to see the rules right now, I thought the rule was first fight equals a one game suspension, second fight in a season gets you a three game suspension? To me, it seems that should equal four total games. Not that I would expect the commisioner to make the right call after seeing how he can't even find fault with his officials.

dggoddard said...

The Radke-Testwuide tussle did not involve a game disqualification, so it doesn't count towards stiffer sanctions in the future.

I believe its the third game disqualification that results in a two game penalty. Right now Radke only has one.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

First fight gives a player the one-game suspension, and a second fight warrants a three-game suspension then the third fight and you're done for the remainder of the season. Radke and Testwuide fight doesn't count as a game disqualification, so the commish just gave Radke an extra game suspension.

SIOUX 7 said...

I believe the game rules for disqualifications goes as follows:

1st game dq for fighting, player sits for next game.

2nd game dq for fighting, player sits next 2 games.

3rd game dq of fighting, player sits the rest of the season.

If a player gets a game dq for checking from behind, it is only that game that the player must miss, it is separate from the fighting dq's.