Jackbooted Thugs Eject DU Students From Game

The human rights organization LetsGoDU Watch has received reports of DU students being ejected from Magness Arena over the weekend for "standing up and cheering for DU."

The Magness Arena security forces are known for having the toughest "anti-cheering standards" in the WCHA and annually lead the league in evictions for cheering. In the past they've harassed our alumni for using plastic megaphones that were purchased in the Gift Store in the Arena.

It is possible that the incident was escalated by the students "giving the business" to nearby fans who weren't standing up for DU. That's exactly what we would have done, so congrats to the students evicted.

LetsGoDU Watch demands an apology to the students, a full investigation of the incident, sensitivity training for all Magness staff, a two hour "Diversity Workshop" and reassignment of the security personnel in question, to the Magness Gold Club Buffet Line.

Its becoming obvious, with the success of the team this season, the student section needs to be expanded and we've heard several reports of the ticket office running out of student tickets this season. The Magness Staff has done a great job of finding students alternate tickets, but its not as much fun as standing in Boonetown.

LetsGoDU Watch was founded in 2005 to protect the civil rights of disenfranchised DU fans that are ostracized for supporting our teams. LetsGoDU Watch provides clothing (Boone T-shirts), food (gift certificates to Spanky's) and seeks to bring overzealous Magness employees accused of war crimes to justice.


achsdu17 said...

Actually it was a little more then that. I was standing close to that incident and ya there was some complaints of people standing in the way. However, the guys standing were also disrespecting them as well. There were some slander and they seemed a bit wasted.

Now ya... it's lame that whole side doesn't stand. However, you cannot just disrespect anyone either.

dggoddard said...

Standing is by far the best way to watch sporting events. You get drowsy in those comfy Magness theater seats.

Thanks for providing us with more details on the "incident."

We still need an investigation. Otherwise we'll lose our nickname "Diversity University."

msbdu said...

It sounds to me that this is the work of Coombe's Goons. Our voices will be heard, we cannot be silenced.

Anonymous said...

Aforementioned Notice: Come to a college hockey game and expect to see college students (oh my!). Also expect college debauchery. Who would have thought? Sounds like Coombe's goon squad is at it again...

dggoddard said...

Yeah. Its possible that the jackbooted thugs are targeting students with Boone shirts.

We need to see the footage from Magness' security cameras.

ArtfulDodger said...

I actually got thrown out of last year's Saturday contest against Wisco for insinuating bluntly that (now) former netminder Brian Elliott engaged in the oral experimentation with other men. Yes, I was drunk. But (I thought) everyone else was cheering the same thing with me! When I got tossed I was polite and friendly, and they even let me finish my beer before they made me leave the stadium. It landed me a disciplinary hearing and I had to write a 500 word essay about the incident -- welcome to elementary school, DU Students.

achsdu17 said...

That's not true. The security guys there want Boone back as much as we do. They also agree that what Coombe is doing is total BS. I personally talk with them every game and they don't kick people out without a reason. If you are a D-Bag though they will.

dggoddard said...

Artful Dodger,

The next time someone has to write a 500 word essay, send it to us. We always need more content. :-)

Possible topics for future essays include "Coombe's Letter: Diversity On Steroids," "Are All Cute Disney Cartoon Characters Racists?" or "Will Coombes Listen To A Thousand Fan March."

tt said...

We had one of these jerkasses tell us we couldn't stand in one of the corners during the game!!! This was on Saturday night, and the night before my friends had stood in the exact same spot for the entire game. To top that off -- it was the SAME usher there that didn't say a word on Friday.

After the first period, we went back over to the spot and weren't hassled at all. Same usher still there!!!!! I'm surprised Matt hasn't been on here raising holy hell about the "leprechan" as we were referring to him.

dggoddard said...

If the Magness Security Staff want Boone back, then I'd support one of them running for Chancellor.

matt said...

That farktard was too busy eyeing up the borderette's after the first period.

Farktard - "It's against fire code to stand here"

me - "Oh really? Then why the fuck are two people from the fire department standing right fucking next to me??!!!!???"

I'm angry....

dggoddard said...


Winner of our "Comment of the Day" contest. :-)

C Now said...

Speaking of ushers.

One, I sit behind the student section and the "F*** Ohio Chant was really stupid and insensitive" So who ever started those chants derserved the hook.

Two, One of students took a face plant down the stairs when he blacked out on Saturday and the ushers immediately came to his aid.

Give the ushers a break, they're only trying to a job and they make $8 an hour, which will buy you one vodka lemonade that the students throw back 5 a time during the games

dggoddard said...

c now,

Students have been dropping "F-bombs" in cheers since the beginning of time. That doesn't make it right, but lets not over-react when it happens.

People who sit next to the Student Section get to watch a great show for free. If you have young children or are offended by "colorful language," the North side of Magness is where you want to be.

We're just having fun with the Magness staff who are clearly acting on the command of the Athletic Department.

Longtime watchers of DU hockey have told me that this is the best our student section has been in 20 years. Lets not quell their enthusiasm just yet.

College sports is supposed to be fun, but too often people make it life and death. We have fun here at "LetsGoDU," but like our student section sometimes we go over the line with our humor.

That being said, we're not going to change a thing and I hope you still continue to read us, but if you don't thats OK too. :-)

ArtfulDodger said...

Well c'mon DG, you're not immune from the presence of colorful language at the North End either. When you sit out there you hear such profanity as "Go Wisconsin" and "Siouuuuuuuxxxx" and other such scandalous expletives. I for one would never subject my friends and family to such garbage!

dggoddard said...


Thats why we need to fill the barn with season ticketholders to keep those low-life-out-of-state-freeloaders out of Magness.

tt said...

The chant was "really stupid and insensitive" ... are you freaking kidding me??

If you're feelings are hurt that bad by a simple chant; you should probably just stick to Avs games and avoid the college scene completely.

Oh yeah; you should also head down to your local hardware store, buy a shovel, and start scooping that sand right out of your crotch before you get an infection.

ArtfulDodger said...

Hey Damien, speaking of offensive things at a hockey game:


How about we get students to start up a "Sloppy Seconds" chant and throw dildos on the ice when CC comes to town? Gimme a C, Gimme a C, what's that spell? CC! What's that mean? Sloppy Seconds! I think we can get this started.

tt said...

You can't spell "flaccid" without CC!

dggoddard said...


Leksand is the Swedish team that DU Alum Kevin Doell plays for. Kevin better be careful about video taping his exploits, if he ever gets traded.

No doubt thats easily the funniest hockey fan story I've ever read. Nice find.

You'd think that with the whole Ron Jeremy/Scotty owens angle our fans could come up with something like this. :-)