Friday, November 21, 2008

Minnesota 5 - Denver 2 Final

(above) A picture tells a thousand words
“I’m concerned about some of the things happening with our team. There certainly is a different sense within the locker room,” Denver head coach George Gwozdecky said.
The Gopher's top line of Jordan Schroeder, Ryan Stoa & Jay Berriball were too much for the Pioneers tonight, scoring four out of Minnesota's five goals.
Box Score Game recap

Mike Chambers' Game recap from the Denver Post Game Recap by Candace Horgan

Gopher Sports Website's Game Recap

First Star: Jordan Schroeder (Minnesota)
Second Star: Ryan Stoa (Minnesota)
Third Star: Alex Kangas (Minnesota)


MagnessMan said...

That was ugly people! It's been a long time since I've heard coach that down on his team. He said there was very little passion except for Bozak and that we were guessing with the puck. Said that they didn't look anything like the team they were earlier in the season. Said there was a team meeting in progress. I'm thinking we may see some people benched. Who was benched in the third? The third Gopher goal was the worst D-lapse I've ever seen. Who was it that coughed it up?
The only line working was Bozak, Miani, and Rhett's. PP 0-7 and it was awful all night. D lapses were just happening everywhere. Yuck!

Jordan said...

I've never seen a team so careless with the puck in their own defensive zone. 3 of the 4 games before I left the bar were because DU turned the puck over- not even a defensive lapse, but a stupid turnover! Add Testwuide getting burned and pushed out of the way like a nerd in the schoolyard, and you've got a goal that never should have happened.

Mullen, who is a leader on defense, kept on trying these stupid little spin and pass moves- including several times behind his own net- with the fantastic result of the puck going 3 feet at about half a mile an hour.

I felt really good about this team after the Notre Dame game, but we're back to the classic anemic power play and lack of discipline and focus. Not what you expect from GG.

dggoddard said...

DU ran into a really good team tonight.

We've lost our mojo. Somehow we need to get it back.

Twister said...

That was a piss poor performance tonight by DU. I should have stayed home and watched A-Team reruns.

I'm not sure what's happened to this team. DU seems to have entirely lost its confidence and competitive edge. There were so many sequences tonight during which it looked as though DU was just out there screwing around, like it was a practice or something. Sloppy mental errors, no fire or intensity, and no physical game at all. Chevy was not sharp, but the blame extends far beyond him. No doubt the Gophers are a good hockey team, but they hardly earned a victory.

These guys need to get their asses in gear. Aside from Bozak, there isn't much to be excited about right now.

Pesimisticfan said...

In 5 years here in Denver I have never witnessed a worse game. Even worse than the '06 game 3, 5-2 blowout to Duluth. Horrible performance by Cheverie, the entire team, and most of all Colborne. Worst game I've ever witnessed at DU, what a shame.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else wonder if Gwoz's message is starting to get stale? This team has been complacent and lazy since 2005.

msbdu said...

Does these guys really wanted to win? The mental lapses are killing them. Testwuide should have gift wrapped two of those goals, Christmas came early for the gophers. I continue to wonder about Colborne. His family has lots of money so what is his incentive to go with the Bruins.

This is as ugly as I have seen it in a long time.

Chase Squires said...

Every game I've seen in the past two years (okay, maybe it just seems that way) the team has been flat for the first 10 minutes, like they're "warming up" ... Is there no message that will get through to the lads that when the puck drops, the game actually starts. Arg.

Anonymous said...

Is Minny really that good or is DU really that bad? This could have easily been a 10-1 game although on the other hand if Bozak scores first perhaps that would have changed things a bit (probably not the end result).

You can see players like Rueggs & Rak are really getting frustrated out there. Everybody is looking for the other guy to do the hard work. No flow to their game, lousy passing, just poor fundementals. This is a team that is rapidly spiraling downward.

Where is Colburne, where can he be? Try going to the front of the net sometime Joe. Yeah, you will take some punishment but you might actually score some points and do something to help the team.

dggoddard said...

Nobody has more to gain by playing well than Joe Colborne. Millions of reasons.

Last night we saw flashes of brilliance from him. A spin move, a gorgeous pass that should have been buried.

If he was playing great lately he wouldn't of been on the third line last night. He's got some work to do and he's a unique player.

DU needs to get back to playing team defense, blocking shots and playing helter-skelter hockey. Thats what won two championships.

If DU just plays great defense tonight, I'll be psyched. Make no mistake we were scorched by a great line last night. Lets try and contain their top line and play defense first.

Sam said...

Colburne is a joke. He doesnt hustle, he cant hit, he doesnt go get pucks in the corner. It's getting to the point where he looks like he doesnt even want to be on the ice.
I have never seen a DU team with less heart than this one. If you cant get excited for the number one team in the country you should not be a D1 athlete. I feel bad for Rhett and Tyler. They come out and play so hard and the rest of the team looks like they could care less.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Colborne is a major disappoinment. He needs to start playing like a number 1 pick.