Workshop Claims DU Professors "Insult" Minorities

(above) DU students turned out in November to support Boone at the "Defining A Pioneer" community discussion

University of Denver students, faculty & administrators will be able to attend a Workshop on Friday that claims that DU Professors perpetuate "microagressions" on students based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality and a myriad of other special needs groups.

Its all part of Chancellor Coombe's 8th Annual University of Denver Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence. The conference is sponsored in part by the DU Athletic Department and other campus organizations.

A workshop entitled, 'No, It’s Not a Hat, It’s a Yarmulke': Addressing Microaggressions by Faculty in the Classroom" grabbed our attention because of the term "microagression." Back in November, DU Vice-Provost Jim Moran claimed that the Denver Boone mascot represented "microaggression" against people of color and women at the "Defining A Pioneer" community discussion on campus. Moran is the Vice-Provost of Graduate Studies & Research.

Not satisfied with slandering our mascot, the microagessionists have turned their sights on DU's faculty.
“No, It’s Not a Hat, It’s a Yarmulke”: Addressing Microaggressions by Faculty in the Classroom

Description: Microaggressions in the classroom against students representing a diversity of groups continues to be a challenge at the University of Denver. Students report that they are often subjected to insults and invalidations by faculty (and other students) based on race, ethnicity, religion , nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, disability, and other diverse dimensions. It is clear from the literature that microaggressions are often perpetuated, not by spiteful and bigoted professors, but instead are undertaken at the unconscious level by well meaning and caring professors. This workshop is designed by DU students for faculty to examine microaggressions in the classroom. The session will include a simulation of a classroom in which two students will play the role of the professor teaching the course and faculty will be asked to play the role of students. This will be followed by group discussions regarding how faculty can work towards creating inclusive classrooms free of microaggressions.
Target audience: Faculty and instructors.


Donald Dunlop said...

No doubt that Coombe would like to "microaggress" DG.

dggoddard said...

One of the hazards of blogging about DU is getting taken off the invite list of the swanky Founders Day Black Tie Dinner at the Westin Hotel.

Donald Dunlop said...

Is the Westin near Cheeseman Park?

Seriously (sorta), just referencing someone as a "minority" would be considered a micro-aggression. So if you find that word in any of their seminar descriptions that would be sweetly ironic.

dggoddard said...

The Westin is downtown next to the Tabor Center.

I really hope we can get some students to attend the conference and sip the microagression Kool Aid.

Donald Dunlop said...

And oh yeah ... blogging anything about UAA has no such danger for me. I only own shorts anyway.

Aluuum said...

I think this micro-aggression sillyness is counter productive. The group that loves to hear that crap just gets another feeding of their prefered nonsense but the majority of people read it and just shake their head.

Anonymous said...

Question? Is it Jim Moran or Jim Moron. Might be a typo.

Anonymous said...

The inmates are running the asylum.

dggoddard said...

Yes, the inmates are running the asylum. Its as if a few vegans started working at your local McDonalds and deciding to no longer serve burgers.

Anonymous said...

Hey DG --

How about we have Boone do a special visit to Boone, Colorado? Maybe he could get a photo with the mayor!

I believe "synergy" is the term. ;)

dggoddard said...

Great idea. We're on it. Nothing like a Road Trip.

Jordan said...

By much of this same logic, we should cut the hockey program, because it is almost entirely white, practicing aggression in representing a school that wants so desperately to be diverse and inclusive. Or the Lacrosse program for being almost entirely white and playing an aggressive game stolen and adapted from Native Americans.

But what should I know, I'm a white male student, I'm not a minority. What does my opinion matter if a single minority or woman disagrees? That wouldn't be inclusive. I guess it's acceptable for me to be offended.

As far a political correctness goes, did Boone ever call anyone a n***er or pillage a Native American tribe? He's a cartoon that was created in the 60's. We celebrate him because he's cute and historic, not because Pioneers were ruthless bigots.

And most of us aren't sitting here wanting Boone to be on every letterhead and jersey, most people I know just want to buy a Boone sweatshirt. And that would make the University more money to spend on its multicultralism.