Clarion Looking For Alumni May Days Memories

(above) Finalists for DU's May Day's Queen in 1967

Next week The Clarion going to be doing a special section about May Days. They are hoping for a little help from alumni & LetsGoDU readers.

Please email your May Daze/Days memories to The Clarion ( by Sunday at midnight. This another great opportunity for DU alums to connect with students via the Clarion.


dggoddard said...

I can't recall any May Days stories. Did we have May Days in the Eighties?

Somebody help me out.

Anonymous said...

those are some nice looking may days honeys

puck swami said...

If we did have it, it was so low key as to be quite forgettable.

The only major school-wide traditional events I remember from the DU of the 80s were Homecoming and Winter Carnival. Those were the two big events that almost everyone attended.

DUPB would put on some one-off lectures, concerts and movies, but most of the smaller traditions were more specific to dorms and fraternities, such as Towers Jam and of course there were Greek traditions specific to particular fraternities, such as Kappa Sigma's Beachcombers Ball, Sigma Chi's Derby Days, DG's Anchor Splash, ATO Bar Nights, etc.

dggoddard said...

I guess we could hit the Yearbook.

du78 said...

I don't remember May Days either in the 70s but that doesn't mean they didn't have them.