Denver Post Looking At Charging For Web Content

(left) MediaNews Group CEO William Dean Singleton's email to employees this week caused a stir

MediaNews Group Inc., owner of the Denver Post and 53 other daily newspapers in 11 states, says it plans to stop providing free online access to all its newspaper content on its websites and will develop ways to charge readers for some of its Web content.

“We cannot continue to give all of our content away for free,” MediaNews CEO William Dean Singleton and President Joseph “Jody” Lodovic said in a memo to company employees.

After the demise of the Rocky Mountain News earlier this year, the Denver Post is the only major newspaper in the area that regularly covers the University of Denver Athletics.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting people to pay to read the Post online even with the demise of the News. We are not talking about the New York TImes or Wall Street Journal here in terms of journalism.

Why don't they just get additional advertising revenue like all of the other online papers and plaster the ads all over the site?

du78 said...

NY Times pay online for their web edition was a total failure.

dggoddard said...

Of course its not going to work, but its obviously a precursor to more layoffs.