Mike Chamber's Blog Has Awards Dinner Recap

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post was at the DU Awards Dinner on Friday night and spoke to many players about their plans for the upcoming season. He's dug up some pretty interesting news.

He has tidbits on Patrick Wiercioch, Rhett Rakhshani, Joe Colborne, Brock Trotter, Jesse Martin & recruit David Makowski.

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achsdu17 said...

We'll see how DU does next season.

1) They can't have their regular half a season collapse.

2) They have to stay healthy. Granted most of the injuries came from cheep shots. I think this team needs to go in every game with the mentality that they won't put up with that crap. Someone takes a run at Chevy, start laying out hell that first time around then waiting for it to happen 2-3 more times. Make everyone accountable for one another.