College Hockey News Ranks DU Preseason #1

College Hockey News ranked the top 10 contenders for next season and selected the University of Denver hockey team as their top choice. Hit the link to see the entire list.
1. Denver -- The Pioneers look stacked for a big run, assuming (again) that everyone comes back that's supposed to. Rhett Rakhshani and Tyler Ruegsegger already say they're returning. Throw in the likes of Patrick Wiercioch -- who dazzled as a freshman defenseman last year -- Marc Cheverie in net, and more scoring punch from Luke Salazar and Kyle Ostrow, and Denver is as healthy as ever. Keeping things in one piece, and keeping it together for a whole season, have been elusive concepts lately for Denver, but it has fewer questions marks and more talent than any team going into next season.


puck swami said...

Nice props from CHN.

This DU team is loaded on paper and could be a #1 team certainly, but they could also finish mid pack in the WCHA if they don't gel or work hard or stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Swami. There is such a thin line between greatness and mediocrity.

The article didn't mention Maiani, Colborne and Martin plus quite possibly the best recruiting class in the country.

We are stacked. Man I'm excited.

dggoddard said...

Being ranked #1 is a nice honor.

I think DU has one of the best off season conditioning programs in college hockey and their fast starts in recent seasons reflect that.

Some of the late season issues in the past four years has been a product of pro departures, injuries and lack of depth.

I'd look for DU to be far stronger down the stretch next season with their eyes firmly focused on the Frozen Four.

As I mentioned previously, I'd like to see DU roll four lines more frequently, spell certain players on a set rotation and not empty the tank during the regular season.

Its easier said than done, but blowing teams out is a great way to rest star players as well.

Aluuum said...

The major improvement I see will be in our defensmen which I graded as just average this year. We have a ton of firepower in our lines and excellent goal tending. With the added experience of our returning defensmen plus the outstanding recruits we significantly improve where it's needed most.
I'm booking Detroit already.

puck swami said...

I am not booking Detroit just yet.

CC was just as loaded last season as a pre-season top WCHA pick and look what happened to them...

DG is right. This DU program has suffered horrible mid-season calamities in the last two seasons that really hurt the team in terms of the stretch run - the loss of Trotter two years ago, and Bozak's knee last year killed DU's offensive depth and cohesion.

Aluuum said...

This is our year puck. Book detroit!!

Anonymous said...

DG -- Did you see this???

Holy cow!!,2933,520248,00.html

Twister said...

How many days till the pucks drops??!!

Can't wait for the 2009-2010 edition of the Pios.

dggoddard said...

143 days until the exhibition game.