DU vs. University of Calgary on Sunday Night 6:05 PM @ Magness Arena ... Anthony Maiani and Patrick Wiercioch Will Miss Tonight's Game Against Calgary
(above) DU celebrates an early goal against Calgary

Live Message Boards recapping the game



DU's Lineup

Kyle Ostrow, Drew Shore, Jesse Martin
Brain Gifford, Tyler Ruegsegger, Luke Salazar
Matt Glaser, Brandon Vossberg, Chris Knowlton
Rhett Rakhshani, Joe Colborne, Shawn Ostrow
Nate Dewhurst

Jon Cook, Chris Nutini
John Ryder, William Wrenn,
Matt Donovan, Cody Brookwell
Paul Phillips, John Lee

Marc Cheverie
Adam Murray
Lars Paulgaard


Trev said...



It will still be good to see the team, even against the Dragons.

(that is Calgary's mascot, right?)

dggoddard said...

Close enough.

The university of Calgary Dinos.

Twister said...

I can't wait to see the 2009-2010 edition of the Pioneers in action. It's been a long summer and I'm ready for hockey.

It might only be an exhibition game, but Calgary is not coming to Colorado to goof off and go sightseeing. The Dinos will play hard. Anyone remember the game 2 years ago when Rhett was absolutely pasted on a very hard but very clean open ice hit? The Dinos will come to play.

puck swami said...

One guy to watch on Calgary is Tyler Swystun, who played for Michigan as a 17 year old in 2005 before jumping to major juniors.

The Dinos are 1-1 so far this year, and have a new head coach. They also have a couple of assistants who were long time NHLers - Cory Cross and Brad Isbister.

I don't think Calgary will be as good as Alberta was last year, but they will be physical certainly. With 5 Calgary natives on DU's roster, I am sure the DU guys know plenty of Calgary players...

du78 said...

Game is on Pioneer Vision at www..denverpioneers.com for a an annual or monthly fee.

Amy said...

:D Hockey's back! :D

Anonymous said...

It would be cool to see the Fury, The Norwegian Nightmare and the Chevy each get 20 minutes of crease time... but Chevrolet needs to be in top form for the 60th weekend... so I expect him to get a little bit more ice time than the 2 youngins'. THE ROAD TO DETROIT STARTS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW

vizoroo said...

From Boonetown to Motown!!!

dggoddard said...


I like it. You should be an advertising exec on "Mad Men."

Anonymous said...

The Dinos official website still shows last years roster - WTF? Wake up people! Y'all Canucks' enjoy your little cupcakes & pony rides party tonight in the shadow of Pikes Peak... because Saturday night, "come get yo' ass whoopin... right here at the corner of I-25 and University Boulevard!"