Denver Cup: DU 7 - UNO 0 Final

(above) Anthony Maiani's early goal set the tone of the evening for DU

The University of Denver defeated Nebraska-Omaha on Friday night 7-0. Marc Cheverie recorded his 5th shutout of the season.

Anthony Maiani gave DU the early lead in the 1st period. Shortly therafter, Jesse Martin took a beautiful pass from Maiani and buried it for a shorthanded goal to make it 2-0 DU. Cody Brookwell then made it 3-0, after Joe Colborne was robbed by the UNO goalie.

Midway through the 2nd period, Rhett Rakhshani took a beautiful pass from Patrick Wiercioch to make it 4-0 DU on a 4 on 4 play. The 2nd period ended with the Pioneers holding a 4-0 lead.

DU turned the game into a rout with three 3rd period goals. Rhett Rakhshani took a beautiful pass from Tyler Ruegsegger for DU's fifth goal early in the period. Kyle Ostrow then scored a Power Play goal with just over 7 minutes left in the period to make it 6-0. Patrick Wiercioch rounded out the scoring when received a nice pass from Rahkshani with just over 3 minutes left in the game.

Top Scorers
Rhett Rakhshani - 2 goals, 1 assist
Tyler Ruegsegger - 3 assists
Joe Colborne - 3 assists
Anthony Maiani - 1 goal, 1 assist
Patrick Wiercioch - 1 goal, 1 assist

Marc Cheverie - 5th shutout, 29 saves
Three Stars
First Star: Rhett Rakhshani (Denver)
Second Star: Tyler Ruegsegger (Denver)
Third Star: Marc Cheverie (Denver) Game Recap


DU Website Recap

Denver Post Recap

Pairwise Rankings


Anonymous said... game recap -- first news outlet to have a recap available!

Jordan said...

What a great game to start the 2nd half! Awesome to see Brookwell score. Games like this- easy, fun, and stress-free, are nice every once and a while. Welcome to the WCHA, Mavericks!

Anonymous said...

Proceed with caution, DU...You'll see a completley different BC team tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

No doubt BC will have a bug up their ass tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the WCHA UNO... at least Michigan Tech will have some competition next year

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the Beavers & the Mavs mold thier programs over the next 5 to 10 years to try and compete with the legacy schools of the WCHA. "you wanted to sit at the table.... well, Dinner is served......"

Anonymous said...

Shit, if I was CC... I'd be chomping at the bit right about now to get on the ice with Nebraska.... a team CC might... someday.... dominate.

puck swami said...

UNO will be upper half in the WCHA within 3-4 years under Dean Blais, who now has a 15,000 seat newish rink to fill and not much competition in Omaha in the Winter other than Creighton hoops.

Ralphie said...

Anything wrong with Wrenn or was Gwoz just trying to get Phillips some valuable reps?

Anonymous said...

Wrenn hadn't been performing up to the level as was expected prior to break, so it may be that Gwoz is sending a message.

Or Wrenn may not've given 100% in practice this week. Another reason Gwoz would have no second thoughts in sitting a guy.

achsdu17 said...

Alright bring on St. Lawrence! No wait... what... seriously... but they beat BC... what do you mean it's based on record and tie breaker? Who's the dumbass who came up with that idea?

This is no Denver Cup.

dggoddard said...

Tonights game is a complete sellout. The building is going to be buzzing as two National powers collide.

The seven goal explosion has been a long time coming. Turns out the best medicine for this team was to go home and get some TLC and home cooking from their Moms.

puck Swami said...

I like the new Denver Cup showcase format. A few years ago, BC flew all the way out here to hopefully play DU and ended up playing Princeton when DU flubbed its opener. Jerry York told Gwoz "I don't want to fly my team nearly 2000 miles to play Princeton. We came here to play Denver. We can get on a bus to play Princeton."

This year, DU would have ended up playing St. Lawrence. No disrespect to the Saints, but DU wants to play BC for PWR purposes, which is much more important than who wins the Denver Cup. This format allows DU to pick its opponents, and set up the showdown everyone wanted for TV on Saturday night.

vizoroo said...

I agree with Jordan. We need some stress free games like last night.
1. Score a lot of goals
2. Don't let the opposition score
3. Smile :-]

achsdu17 said...

Ya but Swami... I feel that this showcase tournament cheats the fans. If you wanted to play BC so badly they should of played them first. So far this weekend St. Lawrence is the better team and should play Denver in a winner take all game. No complicated systems, no tie breakers involved, just straight legit clear cut winners. If they are going to do it in this format then make sure you play everyone and make it a tournament table.

Twister said...

Dominant effort last night. The Pios looked sharp in all phases and were able to use their speed and quickness to dominate the game. Nice to see a DU team with that kind of effort in the Cup.

Tonight's game should be very interesting. BC stunk up the place yesterday in a very lackluster loss. I'm sure they will come out tonight with a little more fire.

puck Swami said...

As a fan, I guess would rather see DU play the best teams rather than leave it to chance.

The winner of the Denver Cup is kind of meaningless, compared to the PWR value of playing (and hopefully beating the best two teams).

TV also prefers having set opponents

Finally, having a showcase format allows you to attract better opponents. I am not sure BC would have come if they it wasnt going to be asure meeting with DU.

Jordan said...

I would feel cheated as a fan if I was excited and expecting to play the better team in the early game, and then threw a duck like BC did last night...

Aluuum said...

They have to go one way or the other but can't go "in between" If they chose this format then call it the Denver invitational. A trphy or tournament title clearly implies teams slugging it out with a single winner emerging and being handed a trophy. This new format is OK as long as they accuratly name it.You can not have a clear cut winner when the selection is voted on. P.C. creeps into our beloved college hockey.

Anonymous said...

There is only one tournament that matters and that's the NCAA.Gwoz set up this Tournament to give his team the best chance to get the Pios in the dance.By now we should all know how important pairwise ramifications are.I would go watch whatever format that tournament has.If you don't like it don't buy a ticket.

Puck Swami said...

Exactly. It's all about the NCAAs. I don't really care about Denver Cups, Gold Pans, MacNaughton Cups our Broadmoor trophies all that much - I just want the Pioneers to have the best possible chance to win in the NCAAs. PWR is what the regular season is all about, and anything our coaches can legally do get the team into to favorable position for that trumps the need for secondary hardware, IMHO.