Stastny Named To USA Olympic Team

(above) Paul Stastny celebrates after scoring two goals in the 2005 National Championship game

From: Denver Post
by Adrian Dater

One of the University of Denver's most legendary players, Paul Stastny, was named to the USA Olympic Team on New Year's Day. Stastny, son of a Slovakian hockey legend who spent the bulk of his NHL career in Quebec, is now an American Olympian.

On Friday, the Avalanche center was one of 23 players named to Team USA for the Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, next month.

"Stastny was an easy choice. He's a good hockey player, and it was an easy choice," said USA general manager Brian Burke, on hand for Friday's Winter Classic at Fenway Park, where the team was named following Boston's 2-1 victory over Philadelphia.

"I've been raised here, so I feel American, and it's more than an honor to be named to play for this country," Stastny said. "I think everyone on our team brings a unique style, and I think we'll have a fast, puck-moving team."

Stastny, who turned 24 on Sunday, has 39 points in 42 games for the Avs to lead the team.

He could end up as the Americans' No. 1 center, for a team that Burke called "an underdog" but one that "is going for only one reason — to win." (read the rest of the article).


Puck Swami said...

Great for Stats. He will be the first DU hockey player to play for the US Olympic Team since Ron Naslund in 1972 who won silver in Sapporro.

DU lists Steve Landis as playing on the 1972 US team, but I think he was cut prior to the Games. The also list Craig Patrick as being part of the 1984 team, but I don't think that was the case, either. He was an assistant coach in 1980 on the Miracle Team and the GM for the 2002 Silver Medal team.

Glenn Anderson 1980 Canada
Ken Berry 1980, 1988 Canada
Rick Bragnalo 1980 Italy
Bruce Dickson 1952 Canada
Kevin Dineen 1984 Canada
Marshall Johnston 1964, 1968 Canada
Antti Laaksonen 2006 Finland
Steve Landis 1972 USA
Derek Mayer 1994 Canada
Ron Naslund 1972 USA
Craig Patrick 1980 (AC), 1984 (?), 2002 (GM) USA
Craig Redmond 1984 Canada
Dave Tomassoni 1980 Italy

achsdu17 said...

I was starting to get worried when they were naming off all the players... but they had to save the best forward for last right. lol

I'm so hoping he gets paired up with Patrick Kane. Place my two favorite NHL players on the same line... one's a play-maker the other a killer sniper. Just think of the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Depending on Paul Martin's injury status, another blue liner may get a callup. Any bets on who it could be? Dustin Byfuglien with the Blackhawks has been doing well this season...

Anonymous said...

Why wasn’t Carle on the list? His plus/minus is one of the best in the NHL.