Mike Chambers Blog Has Grand Forks Updates

Denver Post reporter Mike Chambers is traveling with the team again this weekend and filed three reports in his blog today with up to the minute articles on the team. Props to the Denver Post for sending Chambers on two consecutive road trips in these tough economic times for the newspaper industry.

If you read this blog with any regularity you know what a great job Chambers does covering the team. Fact of the matter is that he has unparalleled access to the team and the coaching staff based on a twelve year relationship covering the hockey program.

As DU's flagship sport, the hockey team needs more coverage in the Post if we are going to continue to prosper in the competitive Denver sports marketplace. By leaving a comment after his blog postings or articles, you are sending a clear message to the Post sports editors that college hockey is relevant and important.
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Update From Grand Forks

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dggoddard said...

Leave a comment or two in his blog postings or articles. As DU gears up for the stretch drive, more Post coverage keeps all of us informed about the team.

Chambers has been great to this blog over the years. He lets us know when stories are breaking or he's posted updates in the Post Blog. In turn, we've sent internet traffic to the Post site they would not have received.

Welcome to the New Media Generation.

Anonymous said...

You guys make a good team

dggoddard said...

Good to see a few comments over on his blog.

Its easy for the Post just to jam up the sports section with CU football stories and the like.

With a 100,000 or so alums in the Front Range & a 100,000 or so people who are probably casual DU hockey fans we need to do a better job of letting the Post know we're out there.