Three DU Recruits Rated By NHL Central Scouting

(above) Goaltender Sam Brittain will be one of at least three DU recruits that will be drafted by NHL clubs this Summer

Three DU recruits have been rated as among the Top 60 players available for the 2010 NHL Draft to be held this Summer. Sam Brittain is mentioned as the 6th best North American Goaltender available. Forward Beau Bennett has seen his stock rise all season and he's listed as the 48th best North American Skater. Jason Zucker is listed as the 55th best skater after winning Gold at the World Junior Championships.

Bennett & Zucker will be Freshmen at DU next season. Brittain will come to DU in either 2010 or 2011 depending if Marc Cheverie turns professional this Summer.

Last season Drew Shore was ranked #32 and William Wrenn was #47. Both players were selected in the second round of the 2009 NHL Draft. Paul Phillips wasn't listed and was drafted in the 7th Round by Chicago.

In 2008 Joe Colborne was ranked #30 and was selected 16th overall in the First Round by the Boston Bruins. Patrick Wiercioch was rated at #119 and was drafted in the 2nd Round by Ottawa. Ironically Matt Donovan was unranked in the 2008 Mid-Term report and then was selected in the 4th Round by the New York Islanders. If the 2008 Draft were held today, both Donovan & Wiercioch would surely go in the First Round.

In 2007 John Lee was rated #57. Lee was drafted in the 5th Round by the Florida Panthers.
Current DU Players Drafted By NHL Teams

1st Round
- Colborne (BOS-'08)

2nd Round - Wrenn (SJS- '09), Shore (FLA-'09), Wiercioch (OTT-'08)

3rd Round - Gifford (PIT-'04)

4th Round - Donovan (NYI-'08), Rakhshani (NYI-'06)

5th Round - Lee (FLA-'07)

6th Round - Ruegsegger (TOR-'06)

7th Round - Glasser (EDM-'05), Martin (ATL-'06), Cheverie (FLA-'06), Phillips (CHI-'09)


Anonymous said...

The thing that sets Denver apart from any other College Hockey program... is Coach Steve Miller.... and this article gloriously explains why. The best of the best come here year after year. It's not for the partying, it's not for the snow-capped mountains, it's not for the Denver Zoo. It's ONLY for the ice hockey program they have forged over 60 + years.

puck swami said...

Coaches and program may be a huge part of the decision to choose DU, but it's not the only consideration.

I think the academic quality of the school and the Colorado location are also major considerations for recruits, beyond the just the hockey program.

Other programs have great coaches and facilities, but few of them can also offer a sunny, generally warmer winter, a just-right sized campus, a top 100 academic school, and few long bus rides to games.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances of Chevy staying for his senior year?

Anonymous said...

The fact that we're the premier college hockey program west of the Mississippi helps too. Guys like Donovan and Rakh are easier pickings when we don't have 6 other programs (like the NE part of the US) beating the doors down to.

vizoroo said...

Shouldn't Shore be 09 and Wiercioch 08?

Anonymous said...

Chances are decent that Chevy stays on. Right now, Florida has a LOT of depth in the minor ranks in goal. Chevy sees little to no benefit from moving up to the minors as he'd see little playing time behind two or three other highly touted prospects in the system.

That being said...the draw to the NHL can be pretty strong...

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the corrections. :-)

If Chevy comes back to DU for his Senior season he could be a Free Agent and find the best fit in the NHL.

If he wants to start playing in the Florida system and try and beat out the goaltenders, he'll go ASAP.

Trying to make the NHL as a goaltender is one of the longest shots in professional sports. There are only 60 jobs available in the entire world.

Anonymous said...

Chevie's staying

Anonymous said...

Seeing all this fresh meat "at the butcher shop" is cool, yes. Makes me proud, yes. Knowing me and 6 thousand other people get to see these boys play 22 games or so at the corner or I-25 & University blvd. each year is pretty damn cool too. Still, there's a sort of bittersweet aspect involved, too. If they're as good as they potentially can be... you and I both know they won't last 4 years here. Kind of like the hottie you take to the Prom..... it's good all night... but you know the night has to end at some point. I agree with the 1st post... it's real a tribute to the DU Recruiters & Coaching for getting these youngins' to want to play here. They're losing alot of Graduates this Spring... so common sense tells me that the staff better be ready to reload; and it appears they have done just that.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count on cheverie staying, if you think of it from Florida's perspective, chevy has really become an asset to them, teams do not want to risk losing their assets for nothing, so I don't think florida will risk letting him stay for his senior year knowing he could become a free agent, that being said, I wouldn't be suprised if they trade one if their goalies, which they have some good ones in salak, chevy, markstrom, and vokoun to acquire more draft picks or prospects...but who knows, this is all speculation, but you can't deny it makes sense