Students Ready Magness For "Whiteout 2.0" vs. CC

(above) The T-shirt Design for this year's White Out

On Friday March 5th when the University of Denver faces off against arch-rival Colorado College, the Magness Arena will be bathed in a sea of white. 600 T-shirts will be given to DU students who enter through the Rally Alley.

The students will have a chance to pick the size of their shirts, a "Creation Station" for makings signs (Boone themed preferred) and of course the DU Grilling Society will be BBQing pre-game.

The final details are still being worked out, but the plan is to have T-shirts & thunder sticks in every seat in Magness Arena. Should be an epic weekend.


Anonymous said...

I don't want a white out; I just want 60 crushing minutes of intensity that I know every one of the DU boys can dish out. And I want to see a dejected CC Tiger team waking up Sunday morning sore, embarrassed and convinced that indeed a team from Colorado will take the national title.... but knowing fuill well that it won't be the team they wish.

dggoddard said...

Hopefully DU will have the WCHA title wrapped up by then. Sit Ruegsegger, Wiercioch and Chevy on Sat, night in the Springs.

Anonymous said...

Playing Murray against CC after we've got a title wrapped up would be a great way to get him some more intense game experience, in my opinion.

As far as sitting Ruegs and Wiercioch goes, I think that kinda depends on the injury situation.

dggoddard said...

Just checked on Ticketmaster.

CC game at Magness is "SOLD OUT."

Anonymous said...

I have tickets for the game in the Springs. Don't sit those guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the athletic department can get these hockey "7th man" t-shirts right but couldn't get the basketball Stub Club "6th man" t-shirts right.

Nobody ever understood that the "6" on the front of that shirt meant "6th man" because the department was too cheap to print the back-of-the-shirt design. Or use the other design that had "6th man" on the front.

I didn't know any of this until I asked the kid that designed the shirts at a game...kinda sad, really.

dggoddard said...

We don't need our big guns to beat CC. Hell, DU's Club Hockey team would give them a battle.

Springs is going to be a Cocktail Party.

Can you imagine if CC was rolling into Magness, #1 or #2 in he country, MacNaughton under their arms & a favorite to win the Frozen Four? Well, neither can I.

But you better believe that we'll be having a good old time at World Arena yelling "57" and having fun while they continue their freefall down the Pairwise Rankings.

msbdu said...

Shall we bring cupcakes to the CC game?

BTW, doesn't look like CC will have any banners to hang in the World Arena this year!

dggoddard said...

What about the Tie against DU earlier in the season?

Isn't that banner-worthy?

msbdu said...

Oh, I forgot about that. Don't they have specific banners hailing all of their underachievements in the past 53 years.

Anonymous said...

I invented a new nickname for Tyler. How about "The Janitor"??? Because he's always sweeping??? !!!!

Tell Lil' Bro Mikey T that Rock, Chevy & The Janitor are "SHORE" fin'da open up a can of whoop ass on the Tigers!


How many D1 teams are scattered around this great country of ours? And I'll be damned; the BEST and the WORST are located right here in front of the Rocky Mountains. Hey Mr. Owens - have you seen the rankings, BEOTCH? boom boom on your bitch ass!

Jordan said...

Funny, on TicketsWest's homepage for CC Hockey, "Tradition of Excellence" is in quotes.

Anonymous said...

I got a "Get Your Growl On" email from CC. Although equally corny, I preferred the previous slogan "Let's Prey Together". Anyways, they are requesting that everyone wear black to the DU game in the Springs. Hopefully our whiteout beats their blackout.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the percentage of DU Fan/Non-DU Fan is on a given weekend at Magness. Sure the Michigan Tech games were overwhelmingly DU, but then again, who cares about Tech hockey? The Friday Minnesota game seemed like there was a fifty-fifty split with Gopher fans, and I couldn't even get tickets for the Sioux series earlier in the year and from what I hear, that place was crawling with Susies.

Having lived in Chicago for the first 26 years of my life, and been to a million Blackhawks games, I understand that when the home team is doing poorly, visiting fans sometimes make up a great portion of the crowd. (Damn Redwings fans...). But to get to the point of my analogy here, now that the Hawks are doing well, people make it a point to be at the Wings series' and so forth (not to mention every other game). What I'm saying is this: DU is #1 or #2 in every poll. They put a quality product on the ice, and despite the depressingly dark lighting of Magness and poor acoustics, it is fun to catch a game (or two or ten). So, why don't DU fans make a point to come out in droves for series against rivals like ND or Minnesota, especially when there are probably 5-10 NHL-calibre players on each team every year?

Well, that's my $2.50

dggoddard said...

You raise many good questions and I'm not sure anybody could answer them with certainty.

The first thing that fans have to understand is that a vast majority of DU season ticket holders are either "Friday Night" or "Saturday Night" only, so you are talking about potentially 12,000+ people on a given weekend.

Secondly, the CC Weekend is THE big rivalry. I think the North Dakota rivalry is still developing in the minds of the Denver college hockey public. Most North Dakota fans in Denver aren't alums of the school, but ex-pats of the state.

People may disagree with me, but I think the percentage of DU season ticket holders that are alums of the school is probably pretty low compared to say Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Lets face it, the percentage of people in Magness who wear DU or "Raised Denver Arch" clothing or hockey sweaters on a given night is probably in the bottom third or quarter of the WCHA.

DU did sell out 120+ consecutive games after the two championships. Sure there was some creative accounting going on, but the barn was packed most nights.

DU's average ticket price is either the highest or second highest in the WCHA behind Minnesota. The $1,500 Gold Club tickets are also right up there. Magness doesn't have luxury boxes like Minnesota, Sconnie, UND and a few others.

All that being said, DU has made vast improvements in school spirit over the past few season. I'd like to think that LetsGoDU has helped to connect fans, raise awareness, foster WCHA rivalries and build spirit as well.

Certainly the coaches, staff & players deserve all the credit for bringing DU back to national prominence.

My $3.50.